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Made-To-Measure Suits for Men


We are committed to provide the best quality made to measure tailored suits for men. We are humble, honest and passionate. We are 100% committed to our work. That is our guarantee to our valued customers!


We are not ordinary professionals. We treat others as we wish to be treated.  We will give you an honest and courteous, expert appraisal so we can provide the best fitting for your requirements. That is our area of expertise.


The term “Made in Japan” is synonymous with the highest standards of quality. Our garments are fully manufactured in Japan, so you can benefit from the immaculate quality and precise attention to detail that is an integral element of Japan’s history and culture.


Stopped by kazuna today and ordered a pair of MTM shoes and a Japanese cloth shirt. I must say he is very knowledgable, thorough and pleasant to deal with. Considering everything is made in Japan the prices are a lot more competitive than the usual in Sydney. But will have to see the final result to fully evaluate.
For those curious shirts are 3 weeks lead time and shoes one month.


I've done it. It turned out brilliant. Can't wait to get another one. New MTM shoes from Kazuna. Picked up on Friday, will take them for their first outing tomorrow. The fit is perfect. The quality of the finishing is excellent. The lacing as it comes from the factory evokes the mysteries of the East. I only wish I'd forked out for the shell option.


Also gave in to temptation and bought that amazing gray-plaid-with-brown-windowpane-check DB sport jacket on display at Kazuna. Fits like a charm, from the shoulders to the sleeve and overall length. That place is dangerous!