Kojima in Kurashiki City, the renowned birthplace of Japanese jeans, now attracts much attention from home and abroad. “DENIM WORKS” has its origin in “Betty Smith” company which was established here in 1962. As the first Japanese company specializing in jeans for women, the company has always been particular about the easiness-to-wear and beautiful silhouettes for women. Its high technique and superior design are inherited by made-to-order jeans which they started ahead of other companies in 2003. From mass-produced jeans to those for individual tastes. An enormous number of patterns accumulated there and a further sophisticated hand-made technique are fully utilized by this “DENIM WORKS.”


Kojima, Kurashiki City, is the birth place of domestic jeans. In 1962, Betty Smith started up in Kojima which has been specializing in textile as its local industry for a long time. In 1970, we entered the jeans market as a manufacturer which was the first in Japan targeting women. In 1973, the curve belt design was developed for a jeans belt to fit to the waist, which made us well known in the industry. In 2003, we launched a tailor-made business. Our products are loved globally. We have produced jeans in Japanese, and sold them worldwide.


Betty Smith jeans boast of their comfortable fit and beautiful silhouette as the biggest advantage. This advantage is achieved by the techniques of our skilled workers. Patterns are drawn to show beautiful body lines while keeping the strength of denim. Sewing techniques produce jeans with precise details and strength. We have been refined these techniques for nearly a quarter of a century in women’s jeans manufacturing, and this is the backbone of Betty Smith jeans.


We are very careful about quality and color of the material, and specifically use the denim weaved by a power loom which takes a longer time to produce. The production process in Betty Smith starts with the denim, and patterns and jeans are made with meticulous attention to detail. The final stage is stone washing, and our highly skilled workers manually process one pair of jeans at a time to give an affluent and subtle look.

We have range of fabrics available from 10oz cool max to 18oz heavy weight selvedge denim.

Price starts from $450+GST