Casual Pants - Eminento – KAZUNA

Eminento - is a factory specialized in slacks. 

Since its establishment in 1949, we have been seeking beautiful silhouettes and comfortable wear. 
The accumulated experiences and techniques are utilized for our manufacturing as our "style" not found in other companies.


- Commitment to the design silhouette -
We also devise ingenuity in invisible parts, 
studying the design incorporating trends, 
and constantly challenging to create silhouettes that can satisfy our customers.

Woven fabric

- Commitment of carefully selected materials -
While the materials are constantly changing 
, we have been developing materials that are comfortable and comfortable to wear under the trusted relationship with many material makers for many years.


- Sticking to sewing -
As a result of pursuing a silhouette that is not comfortable to wear and difficult to shape, the 
number of manufacturing processes will be more than 123. 
We are building one by one by manual work of a special machine for pants sewing and factory staff.

Eminento style

There is a unique style of Japanese slacks factory apparel that has the longest history in manufacturing manufacturing slacks skillful skilled craftsmanship.
Emuxe's ​​slacks are made with nearly twice as much time as usual to increase added value for customers. In order to round the human body to the flat fabric, by superimposing the process making the best use of skill of the skilled worker, even if you wear it repeatedly, it will be difficult to collapse and a gem that you can use for a long time will be born. Mysteriously familiar to the body, rather than boring It is the ultimate slacks of "feeling in mind" sense.
6 weeks to deliver
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