What makes our shirts different from all the other brands out there


In the off-the-rack production, they can cut several fabrics at the time, (sometimes even more than 100 sheets of fabrics). Then the fabrics would be brought into the sewing site, with the same specification, repeating the same work, and they can produce mass of shirts efficiently.

However, in the made-to-measure process, it doesn't work easily like that. The skilled craftsman would cut the fabric one by one according to the pattern, and customer’s size specifications. Of course, even with sewing process, according to the collar style, cuff style and each customer’s size specifications, it will take time and become an only-one shirt for each individual.



It is a very important aspect as well as collar, wrist of a human body is a slimmer than the forearm, that the cuff is made curved like a conical shape to fit on your wrist better.

Outside of the cuff is cut a bit bigger than inside, so that it over rolls around the wrist nicely. 12 styles, and short sleeves.


Our factory of course uses single needle stitch, this method requires a skilled person to operate, and it will take more time. However, it will give a wearer a soft touch and durability.


Top button and cuff buttons might be difficult to bear the buttons, so there is a stem to help you fasten the buttons.


Same as cuffs, outside of the collar is cut bigger than inside, so that the collar rolls better.We offer over 50 collar styles.


16 styles


We offer Japanese fabrics in 100x2 – 100x2, 120x2 – 120x2, Albini, Canclini, Thomas Mason

Our basic shirt does not come with shell or mother-of-pearl buttons, gusset or split yoke because the shell buttons are not strong, especially here is Australia dry cleaners are not being careful enough to handle the shirt well, more likely it will break the buttons.

Our shirts are cut shallow the bottom of the shirt that there is no need to have gussets.

Split yoke is known to give a flexibility according to the movement, but I don't find this to be necessary.

Because of these reasons, we offer these aspects in option. Everything costs, we focus more on the practicality aspects, than visual aspects, so that it will reduce the cost.

However, for those of them, who would prefer, these details are available in option with extra fee.

In our luxury option, these are included in the option below.

  • Not only the top button and cuff buttons, all the buttons are sewn with stem, so that easy to fasten the buttons
  • Hand sewn buttonholes
    • All the pattern match

    Front and back of the collar wing, front and back of the collar stand, front and back of the cuffs, yoke to sleeves, sleeve placket are all matched, which means use more fabrics to match the pattern

  • Gusset
  • Mother of Pearl buttons
    • Off set sleeves

    Normally, the seam of the sleeves and side of body are sewn from cuff to bottom of the body altogether. However, luxury shirts are sewn off set, which means body and sleeves are made separately and sleeves are attached afterwords, just like jackets. This way, it is made more close to the human body, for the arm movement.

    • Single needle stitch with 24 stitches – 3mm roll

    Normally, stitch count is about 16 to 18 stitches, with 5mm roll

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