What makes our “Made-To-Measure Jeans” so unique

20 years of the "Order Jeans"

It started in 2000, with a phone call from an ordinary customer. An elderly gentleman said, "I want to wear jeans again which I used to like so much. Could you make jeans that fit me in my present shape?" After that, we happened to have similar requests from time to time. For each case, the company responded individually, making jeans in accordance to the requests. They, however, were far from profitable, giving no clue to becoming a business as it was.


The turning point for us to start business was the opening of the Jeans Museum in 2003. The idea of made-to-order jeans hit President Yasuhiro Oshima as a service to visitors. He had been providing such a service in the previous three years, after all. "As they come all the way to Kojima, I wanted to offer something they could get only here in Kojima which was a production center of jeans. We have our own factory, techniques, and staff, which were all assets of the company. That’s why we could start it.” It was the first attempt in the industry to produce full-fledged made-to-order jeans with not only letting customers select fabric and accessories but also designing each pair of jeans one by one from the pattern. Such novelty and authentic craftsmanship were appreciated in and outside of Japan. In 2007, he launched made-to-order jeans at his shop in Savile Row, London. Afterwards, acquiring high reputation in many countries, he started made-to-order jeans in Hong Kong and Seoul in 2010 and the following year 2011, respectively.
Currently, they receive 2,000 orders annually. Their system is fully enhanced which is no comparison to the one when they started, with techniques of individual staff improving. In 2014, made-to-order jeans will have a fresh start under the “DENIM WORKS” brand. Made-to-order jeans themselves will be made with the same system and care as before. What’s new will be original products, ready-mades, produced with all the techniques and experiences earned during the past 20 years of making made-to-order jeans. We will offer them in parallel. Although they are industrial products, their quality is very close to that of made-to-order jeans crafted by hands. Having been always making new trends in the industry with new initiatives, Betty Smith Co. will embark on a new challenge.

If you have a pair of jeans that fit you the way you like, its great! You could stick with that pair for a long time, as long as the brands keep on making the same style.

Even the pair you like, did you have a choice of the fabric, the color, the buttons or the rivets?

All started from one customer wanting to get a pair of jeans that fit him, and Betty Smith made it happen.

1, Hearing

This is the most important of all, finding out what you would like to accomplish, understanding what your style is.

2, Fitting

You will try on our sample jeans to determine the closest fit to how you like, from that we will make adjustments, thigh, knee and bottom are the popular areas to change. The model of the sample jeans is tapered fit, and it’s already a nice fit if you don’t have massive thigh or chicken leg for your waist size.

3, Selection of fabrics

We always have about 40 different fabrics, basics are like 12oz to 14oz cotton Japanese denim, woven in Kojima. Then we have some unusual fabrics for the season like linen blend, bamboo blend, wool blend, cashmere blend.

4, Selection of basic parts

Then you get to choose the basic parts, like buttons, rivets, leather patch, stitch color, zip fly or button fly.

5, Option

The basic wash is one wash, but you get to add different wash, and details such as whiskers, adding a strap in the back yoke, and damaged look. We can give it an aged effect, like 5 year old, 10 year old, 15 year old and 20 year old, it’s a brand new pair, but it looks like they have been worn for a long time.

This is how the process goes.

If we cannot make adjustments to how you like from the sample size because there is always a limit to how much it can be adjusted, we can make a whole new pattern for your desire size with extra fee.

About 6 to 8 weeks, you will have your own original pair, with the fabric you like, the fit you like, the options you like.

It will not be $59.90 like Uniqlo, but something unique to your wardrobe.

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