Sultan is an original thread born from the desire to make the best wool for high gauge knitwear. It is ideal that high-quality thin threads require that the raw material fibers themselves be thin, and that they have the natural function of natural wool and have a good feel to the skin. Found around the world in search of dreamy wool, the sheep were bred at Avington Farm in Victoria, Australia. The farm first started by preparing the natural environment. Clear blue skies, beautiful green grasslands. A new thread starts to be loved by the people of Avington Farm, who are proud and highly motivated to maintain a stress-free environment for sheep and have confidence in the mating technology for making high-quality wool did. The finer the natural fibers are, the softer they are, and the greater the difference in touch. In the case of cashmere, which is generally known as the highest quality natural material, it is 15 to 16μ when the unit μ (micron), which indicates the fineness of the fiber, is used. (The thinner the fiber, the smaller the value of μ.) From the fact that extra fine merino wool, which was originally considered as high-grade wool, has a value of 19.5 μ, it can be understood from this value that cashmere is exceptional. However, as a result of thorough environment creation and mating at Avington Farm, their wool finally reached 14.5μ, which exceeds cashmere. Wool is usually used as a raw material for making yarn by mixing raw wool collected from multiple sheep farmers, but in honor of this great achievement of Avington Farm, wool is made only by the farm, and the yarn is made. I named it Sultan. Sultan is extremely soft, and its excellent features are mainly used in jackets and sweaters. The result is a knit item with an elegant and high-quality feel that exceeds the image of conventional wool.