Shirts - Do1 Sewing (ドゥーワンソーイング)

We produce three models of shirts: Classico Italy; Euro and Darts.  With about 40 collar styles, more than 10 cuff styles, and the additional option of short sleeves, you can select your preferred style of the shirt right down to the last detail.  Our shirt fabric is sourced from Japanese, Italian and English mills.

This popular shirt design features either one box pleat in the middle or two side pleats so it fits comfortably across your shoulders without bulking around your armholes, even under a slim cut suit.   

The Euro is a variation of the Classico Italy model.  It is made without pleats to deliver a slightly slimmer look and fit.

This model has two darts fitted in the back for a slimmer look and fit. 

Price starts from

$198 in Japanese Cloth    $275 in Italian and English Cloth

4 weeks to deliver shirts

8 weeks to deliver shirt jackets

Luxury Shirts Option

This option could only be available for fabrics more than $300 and up, with extra $75.