There are about 3,000 sheep in the world. In the world of knitwear, woolen fabrics, and various wool products, even though wool is called, its character varies depending on its type. Speaking of general wool, is it merino wool that lives in Australia and New Zealand? The characteristic of merino wool is its softness. The two countries of the Oceania region are rich in nature and have a very delicate and soft hair, from a stress-free environment to grasslands, water, air and sheep. However, because it is that character, it is not suitable for low-gauge knits, which have the disadvantages of weakness and weight. The varieties in Britain and South America have their habitat mainly in mountainous regions and cold regions, and have a bulge to protect the body from severe weather and rain and wind, and their elasticity is attractive. It is mainly used as low-gauge knitwear that emphasizes functionality, such as Fisherman sweaters, and outerwear regardless of knit or cloth. Sato Textile Co., Ltd. has a new sense of value that is blended and finished with a trendy Chiboo variety that has the softness and sliminess of Australian merino wool and the strongest bulge among South American wool. The knitwear made from this wool, named "ROSARIO", which is spongy and yet has a good feel to the touch, has the strength that does not lose its shape, and it is prominent yet light. In addition to jackets and pants, coats have also appeared in the 2018AW collection.