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Men's Shoes Size

How to measure

Place your foot on the piece of paper, trace your foot using a pen. Make sure to have the pen straight up, if you cannot do it yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

Measure the traced foot

Using a tape measure to measure your ball area (widest part of your foot)










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Good shoes that surpass custom-made shoes!

Originally, shoes should be the gear to protect your feet. On the contrary, it is outrageous to size your feet to the shoes. The foot is an important organ called the second heart. That’s why you should’t have to put up with shoes that don’t fit.

In Japan, shortly after the war, there was a time when custom-made shoes were made by the hands of shoemakers in every city. However, with the advent of mass production by machine, its precious culture was almost destroyed after just passing through the filter of First Life. After that, there was a long time when only Readymade shoes could be selected.

Making custom-made shoes is called bespoke in the UK and Su Misura in Italy. Recently, many Japanese shoe enthusiasts have begun to buy these shoes because of their high degree of perfection, and it seems that they are realizing their goodness. However, the current situation is that it is difficult to get a handle on it because it is quite expensive and the risk is high.

On the other hand, lesser-known, customizing shoes has some very difficult points. Customers naturally want perfect comfort and design. However, the creator is well aware of the reality that “it doesn’t work that well from the beginning”, but he won’t tell that. That creates a big gap and causes trouble.

For most custom-made shoes, you will not get the best fit, even though you’ve measured your feet and carved out what’s called a last from wood to make your personal shoes. Why not? In addition, the finished shoes are often far from what you expected. The feel of putting your foot in first and the comfort of putting it on are different, and staying comfortable all the time is really difficult from the perspective of making shoes. No matter how carefully you measure your feet, it is impossible to accurately capture the three-dimensional structure of your feet and your personal tastes (tightening / loosening, and the finished form).

We focused on this point. Rather than dare to create perfection from scratch, we choose the best one for our customers from a wide variety of variations.

For fitting, we have prepared more than 100 different sizes. (17 length sizes / 6 width sizes) We aim for the best fitting by finding the best one from them.

As for the design, we have prepared a lot of designs that you will never get tired of, especially while being conscious of the times. From our long experience, we have carefully selected the materials that you can use for a long time.

Of course, the Goodyear Welt manufacturing method is the royal road to making shoes. Not only the sole can be replaced, but also repairs can be done.


Order products: You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors. We will make the shoes upon receiving the order, it will take approximately 45 days to complete.

Please refer to “size chart” for how to measure your foot, and choosing the right size.