We are proud to collaborate with technical experts situated all around the world, each renowned for their skill and experience in the field of suit manufacturing. Our team of experts also thoroughly researched all the techniques of leading companies such as Canali, Kiton, Brioni and Zegna, to fully understand the fundamentals of superior clothing design and manufacture. 

Our manufacturers include Lanvin's of France in 1972, with technical cooperation from George Harrison's and Hardy Amies British company (Thistle Harrison).

Since November 2007, couturier Mr Salvatore Solombrino, known as “the essence of Italian Classico” has provided his technical guidance and skill in every aspect of couture from pattern making to sewing technics. 

Mr. began his career in the Rome workshop of master tailor Angelico Litrico who has a reputation for surpassing the ability of famous tailors Caraceni or Brioni. Mr Solombrino then moved to Milan where he worked in Caraceni’s workshop, mastering technique. 

We are passionate about every aspect of our business, including production, technology, materials and sewing methods, so we can give you the highest standard in tailoring and design available today.

Our manufacture proud to be recognized and given the highest 3 stars by the IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives) in 2013, only 3 manufactures to receive this recognition in Japan.

One of the primary benefits of a Made-To-Measure tailored suit is your versatility of choice when selecting the color and texture of your fabric.  Our high-quality range includes Japanese cloth, Italian cloth and English cloth. 

Of course, the fabric you choose will also determine the final cost of your garment.  


 For a general overview of our prices, Japanese cloth tailored suits start at $1,800; Italian cloth suits and English cloth suits start at $2,400.

6 weeks to deliver



We have Tuxedo model - either Notch lapel or Peak lapel with satin fabric on the lapel, satin tape on the side of the trousers, satin buttons, front prayer button. Jacket extra $300 / Trousers extra $75 



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