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Kumagai Misuaki

I live in Ninomiya-machi, Kanagawa prefecture. Born in 196 * year. 
I like to use hands from early childhood, especially drawing is a daily routine. 
The future dream of that time was to become a cartoonist. 
And painting gradually spreads to designing, and engaged in planning design work as a full time job. 
At the same time, I am devoted to the leather craft I started as a hobby. 
Later on, I started to receive work such as custom-made and commissioned sales, and the range of hobbies has expanded. 
And then, at one time I changed my career from a company I worked for a long time to assist my own self-employed apparel maker, I started OEM while proposing new leather accessories. 
A few years later, seeking the charm and possibilities of leather, I decided to revolve around my heart. 

Launch Ad maiora! Designare (Admiraora Digiare) . 
Currently he is actively engaged in OEM of leather goods, sales of original goods, custom made production etc.



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What is Admaiora! Designare



"Ad maiora!" means a person who challenges from now on, Latin, meaning "big chance!" "Lucky!", 
"Designare" (devinare) is the etymology of design in Latin. 

Because we have been engaged in design work for many years, we have coined the word "Ad maiora! Designare" which is a combination of Admaiora! And Designare as an amuletive meaningfrom the desire to value the essence and possibilities of design I made it. Instead of simply decorating the surface and showing it fairly, we are developing concepts that can be used for a long time by adding robustness to functional beauty that considers usability and carefully building it. We are aiming for such products that will give you the freedom of thought and playfulness even in commitment, giving you the pleasure and pleasure you have for those who picked it up.

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