Kaz's Story

KODAWARI, a Japanese word, represents the sincere and unwavering focus to achieve perfection and precision at a task, while appreciating that perfection may not be possible. Beginning at the Tokyo Fashion School, Kaz’s 30 year journey impressed upon him that everything from the fabric, to the cut, and every stitch holding it together matters in pursuit of perfection. The next stops were Los Angeles and New York, associating with some of the best known brands like Charvet, Brioni and Kiton. Kaz experienced the importance of the sales process and the value real fashion knowledge can bring to the customer. Returning to Japan, Kaz tirelessly worked to develop a timeless style for men. Kazuna is Kaz’s style realized in the Australian market with a nod to his Japanese heritage. Paramount is to inform the customer of their options in an honest, humble, and passionate manner. For all shapes and sizes Kazuna offers timeless durable suits, accessories like ties and pocket squares, shoes, and casual wear like the, typically unavailable, Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans. A specialized Made-to-Measure system is at the core of Kazuna’s mission in finding the perfect balance of fit and construction. Kazuna delivers on quality, value, and precision in detail by manufacturing exclusively in Japan with materials sourced from English, Italian, and Japanese Mills. Kazu 和 means sincerity, harmony, and unity while, Na 匠 means perfection or craftsmanship. Kazuna is the sincere belief that Japanese perfection in craftsmanship will lead to a better educated and better dressed working man.