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─ Introduction ─ 

 Kurashiki city Kojima is said to be the birthplace of domestic jeans, now attracting attention from home and abroad. "DENIM WORKS" is based on "Betty Smith" company which was born in this place in 1962. As a manufacturer of domestic first women's jeans, the company has stuck to the ease of wear and beautiful silhouette for women for all ages. Its high technical strength and design are inherited to order jeans which started in 2003 ahead of other companies. From jeans for mass production to jeans for pieces. The enormous number of patterns accumulated there and the polished hand-made technology are fully utilized in this "DENIM WORKS".

─ History ─ 

 The birthplace of domestic jeans, Kurashiki city Kojima. Betty Smith was founded in 1962 in this Kojima where the textile industry is a local industry from long ago. In 1970 he entered the jeans industry as Japan's first women's specialized jeans manufacturer. In 1973, with the development of a curved belt that curved the belt part so as to fit around the waist, its name is known to the industry. Order jeans, which started in 2003, also develops overseas. Currently it continues to produce Japan maid's jeans widely to the world, such as receiving high praise at home and abroad.

─ Technology ─ 

 Betty Smith's greatest feature is ease of wearing and a beautiful silhouette. It is skillful skills of craftsmen to produce them. Technique that keeps the strength unique to jeans and simultaneously puts beauty into patterns. And sewing technology to realize strength and sticking detail. These technologies, which have been studied for nearly half a century as manufacturers of women's jeans, have become the backbone of Betty Smith jeans.

─Step ─ 

 sticking to the texture and color taste of the fabric, adopting time-consuming power loom denim. Betty Smith begins with this fabric and sticks to details in everything from pattern → sewing process. Especially in the process which becomes the final process, handmade processing is given to each one by skilled craftsmen, and the depth and taste are expressed.

 8 weeks to deliver


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