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Five One Factory Co., Ltd.

The basic design is simple, because there are rules in the pattern, men's suits with differences in detail due to attention to detail. The suit is characterized by a chest to shoulder with presence due to tailoring and the beauty of tailoring has gained popularity. 

It features a dramatic form that shows the sharpness of the waist against the volume of the shoulder and chest and sharpness on the male body shape, and exquisite comfort that fits the body of the wearing person while being ready-made clothes. 
A factory that can tailor such a suit that the designers and the pattern makers image with their commitment is very few, asking the factory "I can only trust here". 

8 weeks to deliver


With careful handling by hand one by one, we are bringing the flat fabric close to the solid

"It is very difficult to tailor the clothes. The pattern is of course flat and the dough that is cut is also flat. If the iron and the table are also flat, the human body is curved for it. In order to finish in a curved body that fits in the body, apply an iron, distort the dough carefully over time, iron work the fabric, ... "

The factory chief's taste starts pride for the technical strength of Five One Factory. Especially, I talked with confidence that the consciousness of the operators is high. 

"All of our operators have" a feeling that clothes will become 3-dimensional. "Each operator is working one by one while thinking about the solid of the final shape. What is made of Five One? I think that it is high consciousness to make each operation a more meaningful work, thinking what to make and what to 
make. In order to nurture such an operator, when educating a newcomer, sewing machine sewing machine, I will show the finished product "This place that you sewn with a sewing machine becomes this part of the clothes, so I have to do this sewing way" Do not you think it is completely different? Just say "sew from top to bottom" and "I have a meaning to your sewing line properly, become three-dimensional, then reach the customer's heart.

The operator says "think firmly on your own"

While listening to the story, what came out as a keyword was the word "thinking operator". 
"When I first joined the company I was told" Do not let the operator think about it "at the time of the first year," The operator only has to do what they were told. "But I think that way I think that it was a very saddest memories when I heard that young chefs in my first year of joining were said to be cheeky, but when I heard that, I became very sad. In craftsmen's world , It was natural that you said "just do what you were told!" Although it may have been nice in the atmosphere of the Showa era, now it is the reason to put such words on young children, I think that I am different, so I'm saying "firmly thinking" to the operator. That is because the operator thinks properly by themselves, in each process "this is good", "this is no good", " If it is useless That Umate fix ", you can each properly judge"

Both suits and we, do not go there even if there were an easy way out in front of our eyes

Finally I talked about the future prospects. 
"If the world view of suits is transmitted to more people, it is a pleasure for us as well, I think that I would like to announce clothes that I would like to excite when I go to a shop in this era, I think it is difficult to predict what I can sell, but I think that if you take hands with the suits and the Five One to get the power out of it, you think that it will be transmitted to customers as well. We also think that it is a type that does not go there even if there is an easy way in front of you.

When I get older a little, I say such a thing as "living like" While thinking that it would be cool for us, we will do, irrational challenges burn more" 

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