Made-To-Measure / Made-To-Order

Made-To-Measure For Men

We pride ourselves on fine clothing design and accurate construction. 

We rely on a highly specialized Made to Measure system so we can accurately and efficiently fit an extensive range of body shapes and sizes, without any inconvenience for our customer.

Our Made to Measure system for "Men's Garments" ensures we can find the perfect balance of fit and construction for your garments to ensure your utmost satisfaction in the finished product.


We are committed to provide the best quality made to measure tailored garments for men. We are humble, honest and passionate. We are 100% committed to our work. That is our guarantee to our valued customers!


We are not ordinary professionals. We treat others as we wish to be treated. We will give you an honest and courteous, expert appraisal so we can provide the best fit for your requirements. That is our area of expertise.


The term “Made in Japan” is synonymous with the highest standards of quality. Our garments are fully manufactured in Japan, so you can benefit from the immaculate quality and precise attention to detail that is an integral element of Japan’s history and culture.

Made-To-Measure Suits:

Our manufacture proud to be recognized and given the highest 3 stars by the IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives) in 2013, only 3 manufactures to receive this recognition in Japan.

One of the primary benefits of a Made-To-Measure tailored suit is your versatility of choice when selecting the color and texture of your fabric. Our high-quality range includes Japanese cloth, Italian cloth and English cloth.

Made-To-Measure Jackets:

Deconstructed jacket, the basic design is simple, because there are rules in the pattern, men's suits with differences in detail due to attention to detail. The jacket is characterized by a chest to shoulder with presence due to tailoring and the beauty of tailoring has gained popularity.

Made-To-Measure Pants:

Eminento - is a factory specialized in slacks.
Since its establishment in 1949, we have been seeking beautiful silhouettes and comfortable wear.
The accumulated experiences and techniques are utilized for our manufacturing as our "style" not found in other companies.

Made-To-Measure Shirts:

We produce three models of shirts: Classico Italy; Euro and Darts. With about 40 collar styles, more than 10 cuff styles, and the additional option of short sleeves, you can select your preferred style of the shirt right down to the last detail. Our shirt fabric is sourced from Japanese, Italian and English mills.

Made-To-Measure Tuxedo:

We have Tuxedo model - either Notch lapel or Peak lapel with satin fabric on the lapel, satin tape on the side of the trousers, satin buttons, front prayer button.

Made-To-Measure Shoes:

We manufacture our shoes using the Goodyear Welt method of shoe, ensuring your shoes are repairable and the soles are replaceable, so you have the added assurance of long-wearing shoes. We have more than 40 shoe designs available in 48 sizes (12 sizes in length + 4 sizes in width), more than 50 different leathers to choose from, including a French Annonay calf.

Made-To-Measure Jeans: 

Kurashiki city Kojima is said to be the birthplace of domestic jeans, now attracting attention from home and abroad. "DENIM WORKS" is based on "Betty Smith" company which was born in this place in 1962. 

Made-To-Order Cashmere Knits:

World’s Finest Cashmere
First of all is the fiber itself. Needless to say, the quality of the raw material is very important. The diameter of a cashmere undercoat fiber is about 14 to 16 micron, and the length is up to about 40 millimeters. Thinner and longer is generally considered better. UTO uses only top-quality—in short, the most expensive—cashmere hair. It is the same class that the high-end line Loro Piana and other famous brands use.

Made-To-Order Leather Goods:

Because we have been engaged in design work for many years, we have coined the word "Ad maiora! Designare" which is a combination of Admaiora! And Designare as an amuletive meaningfrom the desire to value the essence and possibilities of design I made it. Instead of simply decorating the surface and showing it fairly, we are developing concepts that can be used for a long time by adding robustness to functional beauty that considers usability and carefully building it. We are aiming for such products that will give you the freedom of thought and playfulness even in commitment, giving you the pleasure and pleasure you have for those who picked it up.

Made-To-Order Overshirts: 

3 different collar styles, 8 different cuff styles, it's made with shirt fabric.

Made-To-Order Safari shirt jackets:

It's not heavy at all, Safari jacket made with shirt fabric.