My Classic えむわい – Miyagi Kogyo

Hybrid leather sneakers, a fusion of tradition and technology.

As you can see from the increasingly casual office style and the keyword “sneaker commuting” sneakers that you can wear more comfortably, more actively, more easily, and regardless of whether they are on or off have exceeded the trend and have become a lifestyle for modern businessmen. It is becoming established.
 “MY” expresses the name of the company, Miyagi Kogyo's Mi Yagikogyo, and its main concept is “My Classic” (meaning a high-quality classic for the wearer).


Tradition and innovation.

While taking advantage of the traditional shoe design, we will propose sneaker styles that suit your individual lifestyle. The detail of the laser technology is one of the details.


Minimal design.

The minimum necessary design. Simple and clear design that makes good use of materials and manufacturing.


Proudly Made in Japan.

Proud to be made in Japan, and manufacturing that makes use of the technology of made in japan. Elaborate details such as wood pattern design, patterning, and material usage.