Newly proposed material for knitwear, originally developed by 991. Wool is generally used as a material for autumn and winter because of its warm image, but it has an excellent function not only in cold weather but also heat. Humans constantly hydrate water from the skin, which liquefies into a sweat, but wool absorb moisture moderately and radiates to provide coolness. In addition, since the heat insulation of wool is low in thermal conductivity, it conveys the humidity of the outside air, mildly to the body, which lowers the sensed temperature. In order to adapt the wool that can control both heat and cold of the summer, the twist on the yarn is doubled more than the usual one to reduce the ground contact area of the skin and make it a dry touch. By combining it with natural antibacterial, breathable, and quick-drying linen, a material that is even more comfortable against the bare skin is created. In addition, linen has a high-class natural luster, but it has a rough atmosphere as a thread, and it is easy to have a casual image. By twisting it strongly with wool, it has a crisp look and has an atmosphere suitable for dressy knitwear. It can be said that the combination of materials that has not been common sense to date is the true value of 991, which has a good understanding of the original characteristics of each.