What makes me unique

Hi, my name is Kaz. I was born in Yokohama, Japan. I am 5'4" (163cm) and have 30.5" shirt sleeve length.

Do you think I could find clothes that would fit me well? Not from off-the-rack, unfortunately.

I got into the Made-To-Measure option for myself quite early in my life. So, for those of you struggling to find the right fit for your body type, don't worry! You are not alone, I understand exactly how you feel. Especially here in Australia, I have been living in Sydney for 7 years, but these are a few issues you probably encounter.

  • There are no sizes - In suits, Australian retailers don't have the length option. The sizes only come in chest measurements, usually from 36 to 48. Bigger the chest the longer the jacket and sleeve length will be. So for someone like me, first of all I will be around a size 35 in the chest but it will still be too long in the jacket length and sleeve length. Vice versa, for someone who is tall and lean, he could take a size 40 but its not long enough. In shirts, there are only neck size and no sleeve length. For someone who has big neck and short arms, there in no chance to find something that will fit him correctly.
  • There are no educated sales people - This is pretty shocking! I've worked in the states and Japan, the sales staffs are first of all passionate about Men's wear that their reason to become a sales staff is to dress nicely. Also, the customers are educated enough that the sales staffs get so many technical questions, so that the sales staffs need to be educated themselves as well to keep up with these customers.
  • No real customer service - Like the previous issue with no educated sales staffs, if the sales staffs are not educated, how could they offer you a good customer service? They cannot! If the sales staff doesn't know anything about the fabrics, he won't be able to give you a proper instruction how to take care of the garment. If the sales staff doesn't understand how the garment is made, how would he know how to alter the garment?

So, how can I solve these issues?

  • I went to fashion school to learn the construction, have been on the selling floor for over 30years dealing with customers directly. I don't stay in behind the scene. So, I know about Men's wear a bit more than my competitors, they either know only inside like tailors and never been on the floor dealing with real customers, or stylist wanna be's and know nothing about inside, or went to collage for finance or law but, thought he can start a men's wear brand yet know nothing about men's wear.
  • I would give you suggestions based on the current trends and timeless classics, so that you will look great in both classic and trendy! 
  • Also, I might tell you something that you might need to hear, not always something that you want to hear.


Can’t be bothered travelling all the way to Saville Row in London for a tailored suit?

Ernie Kim SEO Manager

Then give Kazuna a try, run by Kaz. His gracious level of hospitality is only exceeded by his dedication to craft perfection for his clients. I recently had the pleasure of Kaz taking me through the design and production of a beautifully-new tailored three-piece suit of outstanding quality. If you want to know why Kaz is unique, all I need to give you is one word: precision. My made-to-measure suit was accurately crafted down to the millimetre of my body. No second fitting or adjustments required. I feel privileged to own this one-of-a-kind suit and I’m already looking forward to ordering my next.

Japanese Craftsmanship

YuDan Gu

悉尼并不是穿衣党的乐园,然而即使在这样一个以圆领恤和短裤为街头着装主流的城市里,依然有着不少值得赞赏的衣匠,比如老牌的Zink & Sons,比如时尚风格的P.J.Tailors……今天我想为大家介绍的是一个和风满满的新兴男装一站式订制品牌——和匠。


作为一个西装客我当然最关注的是西装、衬衫和皮鞋,差不多一年半左右我在Kazuna订制了两套套装,四件上衣和三条单裤。Kazuna提供了以英国老牌Holland & Sherry为主轴,辅以日本、欧洲其他著名品牌的丰富的面料选择。






Kazuna的皮鞋都是在日本工厂生产,采用固特异工艺(Goodyear Welt),方便修整、更换鞋底,使得鞋子更加经久耐穿。


Appropriate as well as honest advice

Pierre Wong

I have had a few items of clothing including a shirt and a wedding suit made by Kaz over the past few years. I have found all the articles to be very well made and tailored to fit me extremely well. Kaz has always given good and appropriate as well as honest advice regarding appropriate fabrics and styles to suit me. I have found the entire process of having my clothing made to be a pleasure. Recently my wedding suit and outfit received extremely positive feedback and I credit that to Kaz's attention to detail working on the 3 piece suit as well as his knowledge in selecting the right fabric and colour for the occasion. I have found Kaz to be a completely reliable source of high quality tailored garments and I am sure that he will continue to set a very high benchmark for tailoring services in Sydney.

Thanks, Regards,

A friendly and extremely professional service and his advice is also invaluable

Jimmy Su

I highly recommend KAZUNA. Kaz provides a friendly and extremely professional service and his advice is also invaluable. My suits and shirts are high quality, fit well and look fantastic. I would never think about going back to off-the-rack again.

A wealthy industry expertise and encyclopaedic explanation

Siyao Jiang


Kaz与‘和匠 KAZUNA’的出现彻底填补了这一空白。Kaz有着深厚业内沉淀和时尚前沿触觉,从面料、款式、颜色、配饰都能给出百科全书般的专业解答。‘和匠’品牌量身定制,优雅内敛,每处细节都体现出日式的严谨细致与精益求精的工匠精神。个性鲜明的搭配,更能彰显每位客户的独特气质。

身着’和匠 KAZUNA’西服,我常被朋友问起,师傅来自何处?自从3年前认识Kaz,我已成为其忠实客户。比较后方有鉴别。穿上’和匠 KAZUNA’ 西服,便很难找到比他更出色的品牌。

I was first introduced to Kaz in early 2015 through a random chance, and have never ordered any suits elsewhere since then. Despite having used many ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and so-called bespoke products in the past, formal and business wear is a very personal experience. Occasionally a small mismatch of measurement at shoulder, sleeve, waist, or body length could have a huge impact on the final outcome once the suit is made. With Kazuna, this is not a concern. Kaz is so amazing, that sometimes we don’t even need a second fitting to make the measurement spot on. He is also very kind to make adjustments to some trousers due to my change of waist size, free of charge.

Kaz has a wealthy industry expertise and sharp fashion insight to provide encyclopaedic explanation to almost any questions related to menswear. From colour, style, fabric, to suit, shirt, denim, shoes, and accessories, once he knows what the customer wants he is capable to provide a comprehensive solution with several value-adding options. Kaz has a high attention to details on both the making of his products and customer services. It is truly a Japanese-style craftsmanship that exceeds my expectation all the time.

Once you have experienced Kazuna, you’ll find out the difference. Highly recommended from a loyal customer.

Impressed with his knowledge, passion for menswear

Eugene From Singapore

“Did some research on a good menswear store in Sydney and I chanced upon Kazuna. I dropped by the shop without making an appointment but since there weren’t any customers at that time, Kaz was welcoming and warm. He attended to me quickly and explained his philosophy and products he carried.

I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, passion for menswear, and also the amount of details that goes into the products he carries.

I started with an order of shoes with Kaz and he patiently walked me through the whole process, running through the different styles and options available for the shoe. Sizing for the shoes was an absolute art. Kaz took out several fitting shoes of different width and sizes and sized me accordingly and to ensure I get the best possible accurate fit.

It was a pleasure dealing with him and the shoes were subsequently delivered to me promptly upon completion. After sales was excellent with Kaz answering any questions I have after the purchase”

I have finally found a place that exceeded my expectations and someone I can trust

Ray Wong

Kaz really go above and beyond to make sure that I get the perfect fit with his extremely attention to detail and thirst for perfection. From selecting the fabric, try on samples, garment pick up to follow ups, Kaz has guided me every steps of the way. His passion and unique knowledge for men’s wear is a rare find in Sydney. The finished products not only look amazing but also fit me perfectly. I am proud to put them on every single day and I still got compliments from time to time. KUZANA has some of most outstanding selection of quality fabrics and materials, combined with its high quality of Japanese craftsmanship and incredible service, its value for money can’t be matched anywhere in Sydney. Having made to measure pieces made at various places over the years I have finally found a place that exceeded my expectations and someone I can trust.

在悉尼的几个定制店做了不少的西装和皮鞋,但是始终没有找到合适的地方,不是价格过高,就是做工有问题, 后来一个偶然的机会来到KUZANA, 真是意外的惊喜!Kaz 服务特别热情和周到,不论是测量尺寸,选择面料, 还是试穿样品和售后服务,Kaz 真的是非常的用心的细致。30多年的男装经验和他追求完美的专业眼光让我刮目相看。 从他的身上还学到了不少关于西装和皮鞋的知识。成品效果出乎意料的好,合身,做工精细,实实在在的日本制造。性价比来讲,在悉尼没有哪家店可以和 KAZUNA相比。感谢Kaz的周到服务,真心希望他生意能越做越好。我还会在来的!

Perfect fusion of Japanese fashion and craftsmanship

白虹 原和匠会计师

Kaz 和匠的私人定制,是日本的时尚,和工匠精神的完美融合。他提供的不仅是高品质服装定制,更是不遗余力的和客户交流多年来对衣着品味的理解。

Kaz and craftsman's personal customization, is the perfect fusion of Japanese fashion and craftsmanship. He not only provides high-quality clothing customization, but also spares no effort to communicate with customers over the years on the understanding of clothing tastes.

My Journey

KODAWARI, a Japanese word, represents the sincere and unwavering focus to achieve perfection and precision at a task, while appreciating that perfection may not be possible. Beginning at the Tokyo Fashion School, Kaz’s 30 year journey impressed upon him that everything from the fabric, to the cut, and every stitch holding it together matters in pursuit of perfection. The next stops were Los Angeles and New York, associating with some of the best known brands like Charvet, Brioni and Kiton. Kaz experienced the importance of the sales process and the value real fashion knowledge can bring to the customer. Returning to Japan, Kaz tirelessly worked to develop a timeless style for men. Kazuna is Kaz’s style realized in the Australian market with a nod to his Japanese heritage. Paramount is to inform the customer of their options in an honest, humble, and passionate manner. For all shapes and sizes Kazuna offers timeless durable suits, accessories like ties and pocket squares, shoes, and casual wear like the, typically unavailable, Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans. A specialized Made-to-Measure system is at the core of Kazuna’s mission in finding the perfect balance of fit and construction. Kazuna delivers on quality, value, and precision in detail by manufacturing exclusively in Japan with materials sourced from English, Italian, and Japanese Mills. Kazu 和 means sincerity, harmony, and unity while, Na 匠 means perfection or craftsmanship. Kazuna is the sincere belief that Japanese perfection in craftsmanship will lead to a better educated and better dressed working man. 



I was born in Yokohama, Japan.  As a kid, I loved playing baseball where I learned the value of being a responsible team player, a skill that I still value in my business dealings today.  As a high school student, I developed an interest in men’s fashion so I attended a Tokyo fashion school for two years, where I learned all the intricacies of tailoring, fabrication, pattern making and sewing techniques to construct garments.   

After graduating from fashion school, I moved to the US, where I lived for 18 years, first in Los Angeles and then in New York.  During the 1990s, America was an exciting and fulfilling place to work because American designers were committed to creating high quality garments.  A highlight of my career was working on Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, managing the luxury French brand Charvet and selling other luxury Italian brands such as Kiton and Brioni.   Here I had the opportunity to learn about the highest quality garments by touching the material and examining how they were made.

But gradually, US designers placed less value on quality as they tried to cut costs so I moved back to Japan, where I worked for the renowned Azabu Tailor in Yokohama.

At Azabu Tailor, my role was to assist the average hard-working man achieve perfect tailoring for his build and body type, and show him how to wear his suit with style.  Japanese fashion houses have a high standard for men’s made-to-measure suits, and in 2010, I was awarded Japan’s official certificate of Fashion Business Capability in recognition of my expertise in men’s fashion.

Since 2013, I have been living in Sydney, Australia.  In 2014, after 25+ years in the fashion trade, I launched my own business, tailoring men’s made-to-measure suits so my customers can benefit from my international experience and expertise as I create the right suit for you. I believe strongly in courtesy and consideration for all my customers, so we achieve the best results in a timely and efficient manner.

My job is to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear, so I can design and create a suit that signifies success and confidence, and makes you look and feel your best.