GIZA is a seed name for cotton collected in Egypt, and it is called extra-long cotton, and one of its characteristics is that the fiber is extremely long. If the fiber is long, it will be finished into a smooth thread without unevenness, so the longer the fiber, the better the cotton. The numbers following GIZA have no significant meaning because they are numbered sequentially from the order of development, but this GIZA 45 has the longest fiber length and is thin among the Egyptian ultra-long cotton. It is an extremely rare product, accounting for about 0.001% of the world's total cotton production. In addition, the outstanding texture that appears when all the manual operations such as collecting raw cotton and removing impurities are the best cotton in the world. Using the raw material, this yarn produced by one of the finest cotton yarn spinning manufacturers in Italy uses the optimum spinning method according to the raw material. A twisted and beautiful look and a soft texture with a crisp feel. You can feel it more by wearing it on bare skin.

Ribbed front Polo shirt
Plain front Polo shirt