Cotton soft cashmere

Cotton soft cashmere is a "core yarn" (a thread with a core) created by Sato fiber original special spinning technology. Using a fine cotton thread as the core, wrap it with soft cotton and cashmere cotton-like fibers (sliver) to make a single thread. The surface is cotton, so the skin feels smooth and the skin feels soft. Normal cotton yarn is composed of twin yarn (twisted two yarns) and triple yarn (three twisted yarns), but this cotton soft cashmere is a single yarn (one yarn), and the cross section is also circular. The greatest merit of single yarn appears when the knitted fabric is used rather than the yarn condition. When twinning or triplet yarn is knitted, the surface of the yarn may have some irregularities due to the shape of the yarn, but the single yarn does not have such unevenness, resulting in a smoother look. As a result, the area in which the threads come into contact with the skin is increased, and as a result, the feeling of feeling is doubled.