Although the terms English wool and British wool are often heard, what kind of image do you have? It is said that there are 40 kinds of pure varieties alone, and there are many hybrids of these varieties. British wool that is said to have a strong crimp property as a whole. Unlike merino wool in the Oceania region, which grows in warm climates, it is said to have evolved to repel rain and create a large layer of air between the body and the outside air in order to withstand severe environments such as wind and rain. The hair is strong and durable, and does not lose its shape when put into clothing. Because of its high crimping and durability, British wool has long been used as an outerwear for cold weather such as carpets, tweed coats and jackets. However, because of its strength, which was said to be rough, it was thought that the stiffness and tingling sensation of sticking on the skin were not suitable for knitwear. "British wool that can also be used in knitwear" The research and development that was carried out to overcome this problem is a knitwear that retains the characteristics and goodness of the material itself due to the exquisite blending of Super Down and South American wool, spinning and twisting technology. Successfully reached a soft texture. Named "Cotswolds" in honor of the culture of England's good old tradition, this thread has been loved by many brands in the Japanese market for over 30 years, and in recent years it has also been favored by top European masons. I was sick. We want you to experience the goodness of the low gauge and middle gauge knitwear that fully utilize the features of the Cotswolds, which have a bulge and lightness. In the 2018AW collection, we develop a 5 gauge duffle coat and a 3 gauge cardigan.