What makes our garment different from all the other brands out there

Today, I would like to talk about what makes our suits so different from all the other suits brands out there that are using the factories in China, Vietnam, India and all the Southern Asian countries.

You need fabric to make a suit, right?

I am not even talking about the quality of the fabric here. Using great fabric is a must, but another step we take is something very important in my opinion, it is the “Sponging” process.

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Reviewing “RTW, MTM and Bespoke”

Off-the-rack, made-to-measure and bespoke, what are they really? Again, some popular fashion bloggers are trying to explain the differences in their own terms.

This is what Simon from Permanent Style says;

What is ready to wear (RTW)?
A RTW suit is bought off the rack, in a cut and style determined by the designer. The vast majority of the world’s suits are now made this way.
What are the benefits of RTW?
Immediacy: Each RTW suit is pre-made to a generic size and specification. So as long as you are happy with the size and style, you can purchase a suit off the rack that fits and take it home that day. No need to wait; no need for multiple fittings over several weeks; no need to imagine what the suit might look like.
Relative affordability: The nature of mass production means RTW suits are usually the most affordable, and the growth of menswear also means there are a lot of RTW choices.
The increased quality of construction, use of details once reserved for bespoke, and large range of fabrics means RTW is no longer limited to trendy suits with glued lapels made up in drab, cheap fabrics.
Better RTW suitmakers tend to be differentiated by the time they put into their suits. Indeed the very best (eg Kiton or Cesare Attolini) are largely handmade, although the extra work tends to go into finishing that the customer can immediately see and appreciate (hand-sewn buttonholes) rather than more fundamental structuring (hand-padded chest).
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