Very comfortable easy pants

Nowadays, even business wear is getting more and more casual.

However, you would need to maintain some what professional look, but you would want some comfort at same time.

Major brands have been trying to accommodate needs and wants.

6 adult pants that you can look comfortable with

Check this link above to see what they look like.

This image above shows how our easy pants look like at KAZUNA, we can add a drawstring as well.

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Reviewing “Smart Casual” articles from some of the popular Men’s fashion bloggers

I am a real time Men’s wear sales person/fitter, for over 30 years. I would like to give you my point of view, dealt with real customers in Japan, in the US and I am still dealing here in Sydney Australia.

As I have dealt with men who could only afford to buy $500 suits or even cheaper, to men who don’t even look at the price tag, and buy $10,000 suits, they obviously have different value points.

I read some articles written by some Men’s fashion bloggers time to time, I sometimes think that some articles are sending out the information that could easily misinterpret by the audience, or these bloggers may know and study about Men’s wear but they are not in the industry after all.

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