Cashmere – 991

Cashmere is the finest natural fiber that everyone will know. Artiodactyl / Bovid / Goat The hair collected from a cashmere goat, a cashmere species of the genus Goat. It is bred mainly in remote areas such as Inner Mongolia, Uighur, and Tibet. In these areas where the temperature difference is severe, in order to adapt to the severe climate, cashmere goats cover their body surface with rough and strong hair, and under them have dense soft hair. The downed hair is taken out and spun by a process called "hair straightening". I use what became a thread for clothes. It is said that the amount that can be collected per head is only 150 to 200 grams, and one of the reasons why it is called the highest quality raw material is because of its small production volume. The hair is very delicate, light and warm. Not to mention the touch, it is called a "fiber jewel" because it has a refined luster. There are two main methods of making cashmere into yarn.Thin yarns with the same fiber direction are used as combed yarns, and thick yarns without the same fiber direction are used as woolen yarns. I'm calling. Worsted yarns are smooth and shiny with little fuzz, and are used for suits and high-gauge knits. On the other hand, woolen yarn is a yarn that gives warmth, swelling, and warmth in a rustic atmosphere by loosely twisting it, and is very suitable for coats and low-gauge knits. Wool was also the origin of the industrialization of yarn. Up until now, cashmere has been so short that the carded spinning has been difficult, and woolen spinning has been commonly used. However, technology has evolved over time, and even with fine fibers such as cashmere fibers, it is possible to perform combed spinning. Suits, coats and high-gauge knits made from cashmere worsted yarn have also begun to be distributed in the world. However, for 991, I thought that woolen wool would be the best choice to bring out the original softness and swelling of cashmere. At the same time, I want to make an elegant and dressy super high gauge knit with that thread. I had the hope of saying that. A balance of woolen and elegant, which seems to be contradictory at first glance. It was made possible by the power of an Italian. Although it is a super high gauge very fine and delicate thread of 18 gauge, we have completed cashmere thread with the fluffy and softness that is the charm of woolen wool. Having two ideals, the 991 embarks on the ultimate super high gauge knit with that thread.