A Camel is a camelid, with two bimodal species on the back and one monomodal species. Since short and thick unimodal hair is difficult to handle, only bimodal hair is used for the camel thread for clothing. Basically, as a domestic animal, a camel is bred in the Central Asian desert area including China and Mongolia. The desert area is in a severe environment where the temperature difference between day and night is severe and the outside is covered with hard hair to protect itself, but in reality, delicate and soft downy hair is grown inside, and only that part is collected. It becomes a thread. The hair is tough and moisturizing despite its light weight, and its function allows it to survive the harsh environment while controlling humidity. Hair is collected only once a year, only in late spring. The raw hair is made by collecting the fallen hairs when removing them. The Camel is the perfect material for making elegant middle gauge knits. The middle gauge knit items are the most interesting gauges for the creator, and you can feel the warmth and simplicity of a knit as it is, and you can freely knit the various threads that exist in the world. In the case of middle gauge, it is common to use animal hair, mohair or alpaca, but animal hair tends to have loose stitches due to its hair quality, and it is difficult to get an elegant finish. In addition, wool has the property that soft hair tends to be heavy, and light hair has a soft feel. The camel material clears these negative factors. Even with a middle gauge, it is soft and bulky, light and comfortable to the touch. No discomfort, even with a dressy jacket or coat. The Camel is the material of choice for the 991, which aims for an elegant knit item.