Very comfortable easy pants

Nowadays, even business wear is getting more and more casual.

However, you would need to maintain some what professional look, but you would want some comfort at same time.

Major brands have been trying to accommodate needs and wants.

6 adult pants that you can look comfortable with

Check this link above to see what they look like.

This image above shows how our easy pants look like at KAZUNA, we can add a drawstring as well.

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What makes our “Made-To-Measure Jeans” so unique

20 years of the "Order Jeans"

It started in 2000, with a phone call from an ordinary customer. An elderly gentleman said, "I want to wear jeans again which I used to like so much. Could you make jeans that fit me in my present shape?" After that, we happened to have similar requests from time to time. For each case, the company responded individually, making jeans in accordance to the requests. They, however, were far from profitable, giving no clue to becoming a business as it was.

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Why you might want to deal with Japanese people as a customer rather than business to business

I am not sure how many of you have dealt with Japanese people as a customer, or as they are your client.

Japanese people are very tricky to deal with. Yes, I am a Japanese! But I even have a hard time dealing with them sometimes. No wonder I left the country long time ago.

This is the stereotype of Japanese people “nice and polite”.

Yes, generally speaking, we are “nice and polite”.

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What makes our knitwear different from all the other brands

I deal with 2 factory brands in Japan for our knits products.

The first one is a brand called UTO

They are specialized in cashmere, and we offer basic V-neck, Crew-neck, Turtleneck, Cardigan in made-to-order service where you get to choose the color, change the length of the sleeves and the body length.

When you deal with wool materials, not only quality of how the products are made, but the quality of the raw materials is extremely important as well.

UTO is very particular about their material, and this is what they say about their cashmere.

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What makes our shoes more valuable than any other brands out there

What comes to your mind when you want to buy a pair of shoes? What makes you feel more important? Is it price? Is it style? Is it longevity? Is it value?

You can probably find a pair of decent looking shoes for $150 in Australia, but would a pair of $150 shoes justify the price? Is there a value in a pair of shoes like that? The answers could be varied, depends on what you are looking for.

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What makes our shirts different from all the other brands out there


In the off-the-rack production, they can cut several fabrics at the time, (sometimes even more than 100 sheets of fabrics). Then the fabrics would be brought into the sewing site, with the same specification, repeating the same work, and they can produce mass of shirts efficiently.

However, in the made-to-measure process, it doesn't work easily like that. The skilled craftsman would cut the fabric one by one according to the pattern, and customer’s size specifications. Of course, even with sewing process, according to the collar style, cuff style and each customer’s size specifications, it will take time and become an only-one shirt for each individual.

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What makes our garment different from all the other brands out there

Today, I would like to talk about what makes our suits so different from all the other suits brands out there that are using the factories in China, Vietnam, India and all the Southern Asian countries.

You need fabric to make a suit, right?

I am not even talking about the quality of the fabric here. Using great fabric is a must, but another step we take is something very important in my opinion, it is the “Sponging” process.

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Reviewing “RTW, MTM and Bespoke”

Off-the-rack, made-to-measure and bespoke, what are they really? Again, some popular fashion bloggers are trying to explain the differences in their own terms.

This is what Simon from Permanent Style says;

What is ready to wear (RTW)?

A RTW suit is bought off the rack, in a cut and style determined by the designer. The vast majority of the world’s suits are now made this way.

What are the benefits of RTW?

Immediacy: Each RTW suit is pre-made to a generic size and specification. So as long as you are happy with the size and style, you can purchase a suit off the rack that fits and take it home that day. No need to wait; no need for multiple fittings over several weeks; no need to imagine what the suit might look like.

Relative affordability: The nature of mass production means RTW suits are usually the most affordable, and the growth of menswear also means there are a lot of RTW choices.

The increased quality of construction, use of details once reserved for bespoke, and large range of fabrics means RTW is no longer limited to trendy suits with glued lapels made up in drab, cheap fabrics.

Better RTW suitmakers tend to be differentiated by the time they put into their suits. Indeed the very best (eg Kiton or Cesare Attolini) are largely handmade, although the extra work tends to go into finishing that the customer can immediately see and appreciate (hand-sewn buttonholes) rather than more fundamental structuring (hand-padded chest).

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Reviewing “Smart Casual” articles from some of the popular Men’s fashion bloggers

I am a real time Men’s wear sales person/fitter, for over 30 years. I would like to give you my point of view, dealt with real customers in Japan, in the US and I am still dealing here in Sydney Australia.

As I have dealt with men who could only afford to buy $500 suits or even cheaper, to men who don’t even look at the price tag, and buy $10,000 suits, they obviously have different value points.

I read some articles written by some Men’s fashion bloggers time to time, I sometimes think that some articles are sending out the information that could easily misinterpret by the audience, or these bloggers may know and study about Men’s wear but they are not in the industry after all.

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Discover the “Minimalist Method” for What to have in Men’s wardrobe