After Care – UTO Cashmere Products

At KAZUNA, as an after-sales service to use our UTO Cashmere products for a long time

We are accepting

◯ Repair (repair) 

~ Aftercare service ~


◯ Repair (repair)


Apply from the repair quote "Application form" below
→ We will contact you to advise you where to send the product to → Upon receiving the product, we will contact you with a quote → Repair work will start as soon as you accept the quote

 If you wish, please check the "Notes" below on this page and contact us.

《Repair example》
Per hole of about 3mm: $60


  • After-sales service is limited to our products.
  • Repairs may not be accepted depending on the type and degree of damage.
  • We mainly store staple colors for repair, but there are cases where there is no exact same thread. In that case, we will repair with an equivalent thread as close as possible.
  • The product will be repaired so that it can be seen fixed from the outside. Please note that repair marks may remain on the inside.
  • Return shipping costs are at your cost.