We are proud to partner up with Miyagi-Kogyo, Japan.

Shoes should be the gear to protect your feet first and foremost, so shoes should fit your feet, not the other way round.

Feet are such important parts of the body that they are sometimes described as “the second heart”. Therefore you should not put up with wearing shoes that don’t fit you.

Back then, up until post-war Japan, there were shoe-makers in almost every town, making made-to-measure shoes, but with the coming of mass-produced shoes, the precious tradition was almost gone, since then they have been replaced with ready to wear shoes.

Having shoes made for you is called “bespoke” in England, “su misura” in Italy, recently, shoe enthusiasts in Japan have begun to purchase such shoes for their acclaimed quality. Although they seemed to appreciate the shoes very much, it is not an easy choice even for them, as of the high price tag and the risk that the shoes may not fit your feet well even though they are made only for you.

There is another problem between customers and the makers in the business. While the customers would like a perfect fit from the first pair, the makers doubt the first ones turn out that way and don’t bother to tell them about it. This gap in recognition between them has caused a lot of problems.

In making made-to-measure shoes, your feet get measured up first, then the shoe mold called last, which is made of either wood or plastic, is made accordingly, and finally, your shoes get made on the last.

But even going through those steps, doesn’t always guarantee best-fit shoes, on the contrary, you sometimes find the shoes far from what you expected in regard to fit. Why does this happen?

It feels different when you put in brand new shoes, compared to well-worn shoes, even though they are the same in design and size. So it is rather difficult to make shoes that keep you always comfortable.

No matter how well your feet are measured up, it is almost impossible to have the feet 3-dimensionally accurately made up on the last.

The way we do is different, the way we do is that we offer you a lot of choices in size and design to choose from rather than make you shoes from scratch.

In regard to fit, we provide try-on shoes (we call them the gauge shoes). You choose the most suitable size in length and width from them (they are 17 sizes in length, 6 sizes in width). For a better fit, slight adjustments can be done by putting leather pieces on the last you chose.

In regard to design, we offer you classic styles with a few contemporary twists. The leather and other materials used on the shoes are chosen with our long experience so that they can go on for a long time.

Last but not least, we proudly specialize in the renowned Goodyear welt process, so the shoes we make are durable and repairable.

The quality of the shoes is value for money.

Price starts from

$550+GST Leather Shoes

$650+GST Leather Boots

*** This service is NOT available at Potts Point location.