Casual Pants

Eminento Slacks Co., Ltd., which makes our pants, was founded in Matsuura, Nagasaki Prefecture in 1969 as a factory specializing in pants, and has been devoting itself to making only pants for 50 years.

We are familiar with the Japanese body shape, have accumulated many years of information on business, casual, golf, and ladies’ pants, and we continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers 120% with the know-how and technology we have cultivated.

Special pants created by skilled craftsmen

Even in the modern age of mechanization, at Eminent, skilled craftsmen carefully think about our customers one by one, with the finest attention that can only be created by human handiwork.
As many as 154 craftsmen are involved in the 123 processes until one pants is completed.
“Even after 10 or 20 years of experience, the sense of hands will grow.”
The Matsuura Factory is supported by craftsmen who polish their delicate handicrafts every day.
Hit the press. Sew the fabric. Even seemingly simple tasks
require delicate force adjustment and accuracy of millimeters or less.
The sense of the hands of the craftsman who handles the machine determines the quality of the pants.
Skilled craftsmen identify the individuality of the pants, such as the thickness and softness of the mold and fabric,
and realize a beautiful silhouette and outstanding wearing comfort.

We will directly deliver to our customers the “specialties” created by Japan’s premier pants factory using the craftsmanship.

Price Starts from $540+ GST

Garment Dye Chino Pants $495+ GST